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Dr Nora
Dr Nora

 Consultations in all aspects of medicine incl.
  • Facial Cosmetics,
      anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
  • Family Planning,
      sexual health, coil and implant insertions
  • Minor surgery,
      skin cancer checks & removals
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 Consultations in all aspects of medicine including
Facial Cosmetics, anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
Family Planning, sexual health, coil and implant insertions
Minor surgery and skin
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How to Create Instant Before and After Photos for Cosmetic Treatments | Treatment Pad

Did you know that there is a mobile and iPad app for cosmetic physicians that uses artificial intelligence to generate better before and after photos?

In this video, we follow Dr Nora teaching a cohort of doctors, dentists and registered nurses on how to perform safe cosmetic injectables through the training academy Derma Medical. She demonstrates the use of the application in real time to both the patients and the delegates. Dr Nora uses the application in her clinic and finds its ease of use compliments her patient journey well.




With the ever-growing popularity of aesthetic treatments and facial sculpting injectables, producing quality before and after photos has never been more paramount for practitioners. Unfortunately, the slightest change in angle rotation or camera orientation can considerably change how the outcome of a procedure is portrayed in photos, thereby misrepresenting a practitioner’s good work.



Treatment Pad uses computer vision technologies to aid you in quickly generating before and after photos.


- In the gallery view first select your before and after photos.

- Then press the facial alignment icon to use computer vision to mark and identify facial features detected in the photographs for automatic alignment.

- Use the optional grid overlay for micro-adjustments.

- Tap next to either save the collage to your device or share it.


- In the gallery view tap the camera icon at the bottom to launch the layout camera.

- Select photographs to compare with using the left pane.

- Take photographs with the camera using the right pane.

- Both panes have the facial alignment icon to aid alignment of the photographs.

For more information on Treatment Pad visit: https://treatmentpad.com

For more information on Cosmetic Training: https://youtu.be/GFQfudSdBZo

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com

Lip Filler Techniques Masterclass with Dr Nora | Highlights

From thinner lips to fuller plumper vivacious lips using 1ml of dermal filler has given this gorgeous lady some va va voom.

This was the first time our beautiful model had lip fillers and she wanted to achieve a natural plumper look and a reduction in mouth wrinkles around the upper lip.

To help achieve this 1ml of Hyaluronic Acid based non-permanent filler was used, typically this can last 6-9 months.

After using a topical anaesthetic cream, a number of lip filler techniques were used:

- Linear threading along the borders of the lips to achieve definition and reduce upper lip wrinkles.

- The fanning technique was employed to achieve volume in both the upper and lower lips.

- Vectoring or tenting was used to help evert the lower lip.

- Finally, structural support to the oral commissures was given to help lift up the corners of the mouth.

To ensure patient satisfaction and symmetry, the lips are assessed regularly. At the end of the treatment, the lips are cleansed with antiseptic cream and moulded into shape.

The outcome is fantastic, the lips look immediately plumper and after 2 weeks they’re fully settled with the upper lip mouth wrinkles reduced dramatically. Our beautiful models lips look hydrated, volumised and suit her face wonderfully. Needless to say, she was very pleased with the outcome.


Kim Kardashian Inspired Lips: https://youtu.be/lhWnfZPSjgQ

First Time Lip Fillers: https://youtu.be/KELuYW8YEY0

Thinner To Plumper Lips: https://youtu.be/7xjleYcISXw

Live Lip Filler Treatment: https://youtu.be/iDFruH3WvaY

You can view more video demonstrations or arrange to drop by at my website: http://drnora.com

This video was taken with the patient’s consent.

Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com

Doctor in the Most DANGEROUS Area of London | Peckham GP Experience 🤙

Notorious for its knife crime, gang violence and shootings I put my steel stethoscope on and decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Much to my surprise the patients were all very pleasant and polite and generally consultations were quick and easy.

Some of the most interesting differences I noted between working in London versus Australia was the strong cockney accent and the differing ethnic diversities. It is such an honour to be in a position to be able to reach out to different populations and spread the word of health promotion and disease prevention.

I’m pleased to have worked there, albeit for a short time, and felt no threat to myself. Would I be back? Well only in London would you see a dog strolling in a trolley and have the royal family on your doorstep, so yes, if the opportunity arose I’d definitely make my way back there again.


Peckham is a district of south London, England, within the London Borough of Southwark. 3.5 miles south-east of Charing Cross. At the 2001 Census the Peckham ward had a population of 14,720


Life As A Rural GP: https://youtu.be/g3zpI-D1k94

Confessions Of A Cosmetic Doctor: https://youtu.be/fz2u-3saAYw

Australian GP Graduation: https://youtu.be/U9d65oHT_VM

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Take care and stay healthy 😘

Dr Nora 💉

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com


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Life of a Female Tropical Doctor | Whitsundays Rural GP Experience 🌴

In this episode I take you on my journey of working as a GP in rural Australia. For the next two weeks I’ll be working from the tropical paradise of the Whitsundays. I share with you some interesting differences between working in a rural town versus working in a metropolitan city and the type of cases that I’ve been presented with.


The 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited. They’re characterised by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches. The town of Airlie Beach on the mainland is the region’s central hub.


Listen To Your Heart: https://youtu.be/c96kqgW0aUg

Cervical Screening: https://youtu.be/c26OVcHPr4o

All About Blood Pressure: https://youtu.be/qSyu72UNgYw

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Take care and stay healthy.

Dr Nora x

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Which Stethoscope to Buy and Why | A Doctor’s Perspective

They may be a cool fashion statement but stethoscopes have many uses aside from being a physicians right of passage. In today’s episode of Dr Nora, I share with you which stethoscope I used during medical school, GP training and which I use today. I’ll also be going through the pros and cons of the different models as well as sharing with you a few stories from my medical school days.


Learning anti-wrinkle injections: https://youtu.be/UBNzHvO_dFw

Confessions of a Cosmetic Doctor: https://youtu.be/fz2u-3saAYw

Taxes for new GP’s: https://youtu.be/yzBhFEssC6A

Doctor Plays 2 Point Hospital: https://youtu.be/N1AT7Mfd0x4


Amazon: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=littmann+classic

eBay: http://vtudio.com/a/?e=littmann+classic

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment in the comments section below or pop by and see me in clinic.

Take care and stay healthy.

Dr Nora 💉

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