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Dr Nora
Dr Nora

 Consultations in all aspects of medicine incl.
  • Facial Cosmetics,
      anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
  • Family Planning,
      sexual health, coil and implant insertions
  • Minor surgery,
      skin cancer checks & removals
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 Consultations in all aspects of medicine including
Facial Cosmetics, anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
Family Planning, sexual health, coil and implant insertions
Minor surgery and skin
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Posts tagged “hair transplant”

Presenting at the Non-Surgical Symposium, ICC Sydney | Doctor Explains 👩‍⚕️

Join me in this episode where I present a digital application, Treatment Pad, that I have been working on for the past 2 years at Australasia’s largest cosmetic symposium in Sydney, Australia.

By-passing through the expected nerves, I delivered an informative and useful presentation which caught the attention of many in the audience, including a business proposition!

Not only is the symposium packed with informative lectures and workshops, but there is an opportunity to network with colleagues in the same field as well as a grand exhibition showcasing the latest in cosmetic advancements.


Since its launch in 2019, the application is available to use on iOS devices and is being used in many clinics globally including Las Vegas, New York, Harley Street in London and clinics around Australia.



Using Treatment Pad: https://youtu.be/XEOKEXQK7S0

Non- Surgical Butt Lift: https://youtu.be/3OGuprmweVI

Non-Surgical Symposium 2018: https://youtu.be/F61zxUV_YKM

Secrets of Male Beauty: https://youtu.be/DDpJXc2kttI

Take care and stay healthy 😘

Dr Nora 💉

Warning: Any procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com

The FUTURE of Surgery - Hair Transplants by AI Robot Surgeon ARTAS

Using artificial intelligence technology, the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System claims to be able to precisely harvest and implant hair to areas with hair loss quicker than traditional methods with minimal physician input. I take a look and see how it works in action.


Non-Surgical 15minute Abs: https://youtu.be/72bRi-mXBbI

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift: https://youtu.be/3OGuprmweVI

Coolsculpting vs Sculpsure: https://youtu.be/5_YFEmHDJSQ

Sculpsure Treatment Experience: https://youtu.be/XVzv487vVo4

Fat Dissolving injections: https://youtu.be/Jx1UzZX3TBE


Hair loss and thinning can affect both genders, it is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss and up tp 95% of men will experience thinning of the hair due to male pattern baldness.

There may also be a number of medical causes of hair loss and thinning and this must always be investigated by your local doctor as such conditions require treatment before embarking on any hair restoration programs.

Hair restoration is only successful if the patient has existing hair as the graft needs to be taken from here. It is useful for those who have localised hair loss, which could have arisen from cancer treatment or age.


Traditionally, hair restoration is performed manually by a team of highly trained physicians. It involves extracting a follicle from the skin (which contains hair), from a donor site on the patients’ scalp. These follicles are then assessed to check for viability and manually re-implanted into the area of concern. The whole process can take anything from 8 hours to 14 hours.


The ARTAS robotic device uses AI technology to map the scalp and has a set of pre programmed options for typical baldness patterns, this can also be individualise accordingly. The extraction of the hair follicles is performed by the robot and roughly takes around 2.5 hours. The harvest is inspected to assess viability by the team and if a certain graft has more than one hair, this can be split for implantation. Re-implantation of the hair also takes around 2.5 hours. The technology in the device ensures that the areas that have been harvested do not have an uneven appearance or patchy outcome, the same is also true for re-implantation.

I hope you have found this video useful and as always if you have any questions or comments please drop me a line below.

Take care and stay healthy 😘

Dr Nora 💉

Warning: Any procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com


Sony A7III: https://vtudio.com/a/?a=sony+a7iii

Rode Wireless Go: https://vtudio.com/a/?e=rode+wireless+go



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