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Dr Nora

 Consultations in all aspects of medicine incl.
  • Facial Cosmetics,
      anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
  • Family Planning,
      sexual health, coil and implant insertions
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 Consultations in all aspects of medicine including
Facial Cosmetics, anti-wrinkle, dermal and lip fillers
Family Planning, sexual health, coil and implant insertions
Minor surgery and skin
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Posts tagged “littmann electronic stethoscope”

How to Record Heart Sounds with Littmann Digital Stethoscope 3200 | Doctor Explains

In today’s episode of Dr Nora, I take a close look at the 3200 Littmann Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope and see whether it’s worth the hefty price tag of $700AUD.

My primary reason for adding this to my stethoscope collection is to record heart sounds directly and share them with my YouTube followers. Prior to this, I had been recording heart sounds through my manual stethoscope by placing a microphone lapel into the ear piece, a very cumbersome experience. With this stethoscope giving the ability to record twelve 30 second tracks, I thought it would be ideal. Watch on to see what’s included in the box, what it sounds like and how to transfer the tracks onto your computer.


- 12x 30 second clips can be recorded

- Can toggle between diaphragm/ bell or both

- Comfortable ear piece - 2 sizes in the box

- Reduction in ambient noise

- On screen display on heart rate

- Battery powered x1 AA (included)

- 2 year manufacturers warranty

- Easy transfer of files to computer


- Pricey

- Limited colours available - black, burgundy, navy blue.

- Heavier

- Can’t transfer files onto a mobile device.

- Doesn’t work as well on damp skin


This is a great tool if you’re interested in learning more about particular heart, lung or bowel sounds. It would be a useful aid for exam preparation and it looks futuristic. I’ll certainly be keeping mine to film more beautiful sounds of the body.


Which Stethoscope to Buy: https://youtu.be/MhvwEGBd8Yo

How to Listen to Your Heart: https://youtu.be/c96kqgW0aUg

How to Take Manual Blood Pressure: https://youtu.be/Uyygzkk4AHY

Medical Features of The Apple Watch: https://youtu.be/o3lFCO26UA8


Amazon: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=littmann+3200

eBay: http://vtudio.com/a/?e=littmann+3200

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment in the comments section below or pop by and see me in clinic.

Take care and stay healthy.

Dr Nora 💉

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